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Steps to an Exam

1. Pretesting

Working with our optometric assistant, you will go through standard testing and information gathering before seeing your optometrist.

The assistant will ask you questions about the comfort and vision of your eyes, and then move on to testing and collecting data about them for your optometrist to interpret.

Our optometric assistant does not diagnose or treat eye health conditions, but they play a vital role in getting as much information about your eyes as possible.

Tests performed

After the pretesting phase is finished, the optometric assistant documents all of their findings in your electronic health record and passes the exam off to the optometrist.

An autorefraction being performed on a patient.
Autorefraction: this test gives us a baseline of your glasses prescription.
Dr. Ward adjusts the phoropter during an eye exam

2. Exam with your Optometrist

From here your optometrist evaluates the data from the first step and begins your eye exam.

During your exam, the doctor is looking for signs of…

Your optometrist will also calculate your glasses prescription. If applicable, he will also perform a contact lens evaluation. To learn more about our contact lens evaluation, visit our contact lens page.

We Focus on YOU

Our clinic is focused on you. While our doctors are very thorough, they always want to hear what you have to say. You can provide information about your symptoms and feelings that the doctors can’t see or evaluate on their own.

Never expect to be rushed through an eye exam at Valley Eye Clinic.

If you learn that you need glasses or contacts, then we proceed to step 3!

3. Working with the Optician

If your exam reveals a change in prescription and you find yourself in need of new glasses, then you will work with one of our exceptional opticians. Every patient has different needs, and you can count on your optician to account for them.

First time wearing glasses?

Getting a new pair of glasses can be exciting or it can be daunting, especially if you’ve never worn them before. Our opticians are knowledgeable about the various materials of frames and lenses, and can answer any questions that you may have.

Stylish and functional

You can count on the opticians to help you find frames that are the right balance of style and comfort, so you can walk out of the clinic feeling confident.

Contact Lenses

If your optometrist performed a contact lens evaluation during your exam, then your optician will help you order them with ease.

New to contacts?

If you are new to wearing contacts, then it is your optician’s job to help you learn how to use and care for them.

An optician helps a patient chooses frames at Valley Eye Clinic
A patient tries on new glasses frames

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