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Neurolens Information

An Optical Solution to a Medical Problem

If you suffer from chronic headaches, eye strain, eye fatigue, or even neck stiffness, Neurolens® might be the solution for you.

65% of Americans experience these symptoms on a daily basis:

Could your eyes be causing the symptoms?

When the eyes are out of sync, or misaligned, it puts higher demand on the visual system. This additional demand can put stress on the trigeminal nerve – the largest and most complex nerve connected to the brain, and responsible for head and neck sensations.

The digital world has dramatically shifted how we use our vision, requiring us to see up close more frequently. With the increased demand on our visual system, the occurrence of symptoms of headaches, neck pain, and dry eye have significantly increased.

Neurolens® is the latest technology that allows Dr. Ward and Dr. Kyler at Valley Eye Clinic to give you lenses in your glasses that will align your vision at any distance, relieving the stress on your trigeminal nerve and, in many cases, eliminating your symptoms entirely.

Testing for eye misalignment

Valley Eye Clinic is the first eye clinic in central Iowa to bring Neurolens® to our patients. Testing is simple. A quick 3-minute test of eye alignment is performed. The patient simply focuses on a small dot in the Neurolens® instrument, and over 10,000 points of data are taken and analyzed by the instrument to educate the doctor on the amount of misalignment of the eyes, and the necessary prism correction to prescribe in glasses in order to significantly decrease patient’s symptoms.

The doctor is then able to take this correction, and using lenses in office, place the necessary correction in front of the eyes. Many patients note a decrease in symptoms within a few moments of the correction being placed in front of their eyes.

How does it work?

During your exam, you will be tested using the SightSync® device. This specialized technology measures eye alignment at different distances. This information produces your Custom Compensation Curve, meaning that the Neurolens® is specifically designed for your eyes.

By correcting your misalignment in your eyes, your Neurolens® lenses treat the root cause of your symptoms by relieving the stimulation of your trigeminal nerve. Treating the cause of your discomfort yields lasting results.

Neurolens® became available to private practices in 2016. Dr. Ward called and spoke with multiple doctors across the United States before deciding to bring the technology to West Des Moines. Every doctor he spoke to praised Neurolens® One doctor in California has noted that over the last four years that he has offered Neurolens® of those who are eligible and decide to try Neurolens® 87% of patients notice a “significant decrease” or “complete resolution” of their symptoms.

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